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On the 18th September 2013,  the very first Albatera Europeans Residents meeting was held at the Pensioners Day Centre (Hogar del Pensionistas), together with representatives from the Town Hall.

There were approximately twenty people in attendance.  Since then the meetings have gone from strength to strength , with around 30 to 40 members attending each meeting.

At the initial meeting it was agreed that:

  • There is to be a meeting every month, usually on the first Friday, with no formal meetings in July and August (break for the Summer Recess).
  • The meetings are to be held at the Pensioners Day Centre (Hogar del Pensionistas, Albatera) commencing at 10.30am.
  • It is a social community group with the aim to exchange and share information, meet new people and to find out what is going on locally.
  • All Europeans who reside in Albatera are more than welcome to attend and participate.
  • The group have their own email address, whereby information is securely To be added to this group please email: albateraeuropeanresidents@gmail.com
  • Additionally there is a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/171185563074763/



Inter-Language Exchange Evenings


This is a unique collaboration initiated 3 years ago between the European residents of Albatera and the Town Hall. The purpose of which is to give all the residents of Albatera the opportunity to meet informally and speak in Spanish and English regardless of lingual ability or age.


The evenings are held usually on the second Monday of every month at the Casa Cultura on the 1st floor (next to the Library), with a customary recess during the Summer months.


The meetings commence at 18.30hrs, for children under 10 years of age, until 19.00hrs.

From 19.00hrs to 20.30hrs, the session for Children 10 and above and adults commences.

You are asked to register on arrival and contact details are requested so we can inform you of any meeting updates.

After a short welcome and introduction, everyone joins together to create informal groups and the talking commences.

For further information contact either the European Residents Group (albateraeuropeanresidents@gmail.com) or the Albatera Tourist Office.