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As you are aware Brexit is nearly upon us. This is a very complex issue and the impact on all of us will be significant whether there is a «deal» or «no deal» outcome from the present negotiations. We would therefore like to highlight three specific areas, of the many that are currently under discussion, that we feel can be acted upon immediately.

1.  Padron –
Anyone residing in Albatera who is not registered on the Padron should do so as soon as possible. All who are registered on the Padron should verify their current entry is correct and still valid.  Non Residents and those residents without a Residency Certificate need to attend the Town Hall every 2 years to renew the Padron. Residents with residency certificates should confirm their details every 5 years.
2.  Residency –
As a result of Brexit anyone who is resident in Spain but does not have a           Residency Certificate should register at either Elche or Orihuela National Police Stations.
Those in receipt of a UK (OAP) State Pension can obtain a S1 Certificate to cover medical care in both Spain and the UK from Newcastle.
3. UK Driving Licence –
With a Brexit «No Deal» outcome the UK will be a non-EU entity. The following link explains in detail how a Non-EU citizen can obtain a Spanish Driving Licence, the process involves passing both written and practical exams.
Anyone who is a Spanish resident currently not holding a Spanish driving licence should exchange their UK driving licence for a Spanish driving licence at the earliest opportunity. There is now a Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) office in Elche.
However, in a Brexit «Deal» scenario, it is hoped that the UK & EU will agree to continue mutual recognition of the current driving licence arrangement but it is not guaranteed.
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